Paige & Ryan’s Urban Wildlife EP

Produced by Paige & Ryan. Paige & Ryan are now known as Hold for Home and can be found online here.
Recorded at Knickle Studio before it was converted to Copper Cabbage Studios.
Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Ryan Berends and Paige Knickle.
All instruments played by Paige & Ryan except for the trombone in Thank You (Mister Medicine Man) played by Ian Berends.
Front Cover Art by Alicea Paszek.
Photography by Ryan & Paige.

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Hold for Home’s Fireweed Single

Recorded in studio.

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Christmas According to Paige & Ryan

Recorded in studio.

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Katie Elizabeth Studio Website

Katie needed a website for her videography business. She films for weddings in the Edmonton area and she also films short documentaries revealing the beautiful moments in every-day life. The design was kept clean and minimalist to suit her honest approach to business and life.

Look at the website here.

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Electric Motor Service Limited Website

EMSL required a freshly updated web presence for their customers and also for their employees. It was important to this client to have an employee portal to share important resources and provide online training and orientations. The site is functional and practical.

EMSL is in the business of servicing and repairing large, industrial electric motors.

Their website can be found here.

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Hold for Home – Fireweed Single Music Video

Filmed in the beautiful Edmonton River Valley, this project was a delightful way to spend the warm summer days outside.

Buy the single on iTunes here and share the video from YouTube here.

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